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Think of the greatest professional success on your life.

You know you made it because you were trained, because you had acquired the necessary skills to get that expected result.


Now new challanges are upon you.

Nothing happens randomly. If you want to achieve your new professional and personal goals ahead of you, you have to learn all the new skills this new project requires and strengthen your team to improve your company results.


Are you ready to start?

The training courses that I put at your service will prepare you with the right knowledge and skills you need to successfully execute any project

Serás un auténtico líder en la gestión de proyectos de tu empresa, sabrás optimizar el uso de los recursos y el tiempo y llevarás a cabo procesos eficientes. Tu liderazgo será efectivo y sacarás lo mejor de tu equipo.

You will become a true leader managing your company’s projects, you will know how to optimize the available resources at the right time and you will  efficiently now how to implement new process your project in hand requieres. Your leadership skills will be effective,  able to get the best out of your team.


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Nowadays I am training the following In-Company programs:


About this Program

The Leadership Program prepares company directors and managers on self-management and self-motivation, to become the true leader of your own life and therefore of your team and your organization.


This ability is essential in all areas and stages of life; but it is even more important in circumstances with a high level of uncertainty, instability or change.


Following an experiential and practical methodology, this program will guide you step by step through reflection, introspection, self-knowledge, active listening, observation and dialogue, converging all into a practical action plan defining possible and attainable goals within your capabilities, specific and high-level skills, strengths and weaknesses, which will allow you to improve both personally and professionally.


Students who participate in these sessions achieve a better and deeper understanding of themselves recognizing and balancing the two sides of their brain (the creative and rational side) that facilitates them to become aware of their power for change, re-design and re-construction of their own reality.

This training program suits you if:

  • ➜ You want to identify the significant events of your past that have contributed to conform your current persona, situation and the life around you.
  • ➜ You want to learn to distinguish within your limited believes and transform them into constructive beliefs. 
  • ➜ You want to understand your weaknesses and identify and reinforce your strengths on which you will base your future choices that will help you change the trajectory of your own reality and and the life around you.
  • ➜ You wish to define your purpose and your mission, identify your values ​​and have control over your thoughts, your mood and your personal motivation.
  • You want to understand the power of your well-oriented actions towards the things you want to achieve, taking a proactive attitude in life. 
  • You want to learn how to design an action plan defining attainable and realistic goals to achieve much better results in your projects and the realization of new goals.
Project Management

About this Program

The program brings value to all shorts of participants: executives without previous experience in Project Management, as well as those who already have some experience in the management, control and execution of any project,  who will find structure and clarity on their previous experience and knowledge.

This training program aims to be the basic reference for anyone interested in Project Management:


• Senior Executives

• Directors, Managers and any other member of the project team

• Client Project Managers

• Functional managers with personnel assigned to their projects

• Instructors on matters related to Project Management

• Consultants and project management specialists

• Anyone interested in project management

This training program suits you if:

  • ➜ You want to learn how to manage a project from the beginning till the end.
  • ➜ You want to learn how to define SMART objectives that really help you in project management.
  • ➜ You wish to learn different methodologies to develop an appropriate action plan.
  • ➜ You want to learn how to identify and efficiently manage the key issues during execution.
  • ➜ You want to know the best way to close a project after achieving the defined objectives.
Train the Trainer

About this Program

The course main target are future trainers who hold clear technical knowledge on their field of expertise, but require a methodological training to improve their teaching performance skills when planning to deliver any type of content from their area of expertise:


• Professional from their area of expertise without any teaching experience.

• Trainers with an interest in refreshing general training techniques and methodologies.

• Anyone interested in developing teaching skills.

This training program suits you if:

  • ➜ You want to learn the necessary skills to become a good trainer.
  • ➜ You want to master all training methods
  • ➜ You want to learn how to organize a class and everything around it: objectives, types of activities, time distribution, getting the required resources, etc.
  • ➜ Mastering all training methods is among your goals  
  • ➜ You want to learn to interact professionally with the participants and with working group

Check some of my students´opinions from my Training Programs

  • Karl-Ludwig Knispel
    I had the chance to work with Olga del Ama within Metro to develop, conduct and facilitate trainings and workshops for international project management. The target groups were mainly managers in operations, customer solutions and buying across the Metro Cash & Carry countries globally. I experienced Olga as a highly motivated and engaged person with strong intercultural competencies and a deep knowledge about project management. She has an outstanding working attitude, shows passion and ambition to go “the extra mile” for our customers. Olga is a great facilitator. She can lead and guide people and is able to do this very professional also in difficult situations. Her training style is very interactive and I recognized her in all the sessions as an extraordinary person. Working together with Olga was a big pleasure for me. She´s without doubt a big benefit for all who had the chance to work with her and I definitely recommend her in all aspects.
  • Joaquim Vendrell
    Working with Olga del Ama is always easy. Good communicator, very efficient and effective. She does not waste time on details, always seeking to ease the work of all of our team and / or the people and groups to which she had to give service and support. My experience with her has always been tremendously positive and productive.
  • Mª José Perez-Herrera Barbudo
    With Olga del Ama you know you feel save. She is a very organized and responsible professional from the beginning till the end of each project.
  • Gustavo Pascual
    With Olga del Ama the ability to create, lead, generate and add value is assured. Every project she starts and manages is every time a success. Her ability to create and find new alternatives always helped us elevate the projects to its most higher peak. Having her means adding in your team passion, teamwork, union, joy and dynamism.

Check some pictures of my Training Program

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