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A close and understandable language for your business. I offer you tools and resources easy to implement from the first day


If you are looking for a speaker who enlighten hearts and inspires the audience to return to their personal and professional projects full of motivation, new perspectives and renewed energy, I am the professional you are looking for.

As PROFESSIONAL and SPEAKER, I want to help changing and improving the Business World


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  • Jesse Schiller
    Olga del Ama is a talented business woman who demonstrated great leadership, ingenuity and creativity in her job at Media Plus.
  • Cristina Herzog Sánchez
    Olga del Ama is a great professional, very committed and a truly fighter. Excellent managing projects, directing and coordinating teams. Energetic, effective, decisive, motivating and fun. It was a real pleasure working with her from my agency.
  • Santiago Hermosa Martín
    Olga del Ama is one of the best professionals I have worked with in my career. Efficient, focused, fast and always eager to work and do things well. With her dynamic, pleasant and close personality he is able to motivate and get the most out of her team members and suppliers and always doing it with a smile. Outstanding professionally and personally. 150% recommended.
  • Raquel Gutierrez
    Olga del Ama was always innovative and ahead of her time. with many different interests and initiatives she did not settle for the first results, always willing to improve the final delivery.
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