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Great Confidence

It is said that the beginnings are the most beautiful part of almost everything.

However, at work everyone is at the beginning full of fears and insecurities; feeling an every day pressure to proof them all that you were indeed the right choice for the task.   

Keep calm, I am here to make that path easier for you. 

In our sessions you will be able to ask me all the questions about the development and implementation of the project you are working on at the moment. I will be your ally so that you successfully meet all the objectives stablished for the project. As well, I will also prepare you for future challenges with my taylor-made training lessons.

My Mentoring Service will allow you to take those first steps with absolute confidence. 

I have worked as Project Manager more than 15 years with great companies such as Coca-Cola, Makro, IE Business School, Siemens… I know how demanding your daily work and responsibilities could be, and I am more than happy to help you and share with you all my accumulated experience during all this time.

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What is my Mentoring Program all about?

I provide guidance and support to novel project managers

Training focused on your day to day work, with a practical approach

Most of the things we put into practice in the day to day business are not found on any book, nor have we studied it at our university studies. This is why the accumulated experience is so valuable and appreciated. To gain this experience there was at the time a first time: a first job, a first raise with new responsibilities, a first big project…

My Mentoring Program is targeting professionals and novel Project Managers looking for a strong supporting hand that will guide and help them successfully  face this such scary  “first times”.

You will be able to take those first steps with great confidence because I will be offering you advice on every step of the way, in every phase of your specific project goes through. I offer you a practical and fully personalized approach and training adapted to the work circumstances and environment you and your project are facing.

This is how we will work together


    Together we will carry out a detailed analysis of your company’s actual situation, strengths and weaknesses and I will help you spot the problems, risk and opportunities that you may have overlooked.


    We will define qualified objectives, prepare a proposal with concrete actions and define an operational action plan.


    You will never be alone. Closely involved on your day by day business I will be your best ally and silent helping hand on the execution of the previously defined action plans.


    On a final step you and your company will have already transformed and have achieved your objectives.  In addition, your management team and your employees will be highly trained and well prepared for all to take over and “fly solo”.


These are some opinions of other professionals who have known my work

  • Camil el Khoury
    Olga del Ama is a very passionate individual who displays both perseverance and a positive approach to goal attainment. She is a people's person and had an excellent relationship with her colleagues and clients.
  • Katie Moore
    Working with Team Asia was such a pleasure, primarily due to various outstanding colleagues such as Olga del Ama. Olga is a true asset to the organization through her tireless dedication, endless energy and enthusiasm, and ability to create new models of business for optimal growth. I give Olga my highest recommendation.
  • Teresa de La Lombana
    Olga del Ama is a great retail professional, hardworking and good team organizer. She follows positive energy teamworking and plenty of talent development. Olga always has good ideas that comes with great creativity. I recommend Olga to work in high performance projects.
  • Cristina Herzog Sánchez
    Olga del Ama is a great professional, very committed and a truly fighter. Excellent managing projects, directing and coordinating teams. Energetic, effective, decisive, motivating and fun. It was a real pleasure working with her from my agency.
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