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  • Project: Country Specific Business Reports production in TV press and printed media (CBS, CNBC, Fox News)
  • Location: Brussels, Dubai, Sao Paolo, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Project Time Span: October 2005 to August 2006

MEDIA PLUS HOLDING is a multicultural organization specialized in the production of country specific business reports for television and print media targeting the global business community.



MEDIA PLUS HOLDING main goal is to help its clients to advertise and promote their company on internationally recognized TV and printed media.


Negotiation of advertising contracts for the production of country specific business reports  in Dubai, Sao Paolo, Hong Kong and Singapore for several international press TV and printed media networks such as The New York Post, The Weekly Telegraph, Fox5 New York o CNBC Europe

Revenue:  600.000€

In this project I had the pleasure to collaborate with:

  • Donna Forte-Regis Muleba
    Olga del Ama is a go getter, always receptive to constructive critism and extremly hard working.
  • Darren Blanch
    Working with Olga del Ama was a real pleasure. I found her as someone who has great experience and profound understanding of business solutions... She has a very strong work ethic combined with unparalleled analytical and problem solving skills. Has an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others. She is not only a reliable and forward thinking Project Coordinator but also an inspiring team player. Dedicated and goal oriented strategist that cannot be overestimated.
  • Jesse Schiller
    Olga del Ama is a talented business woman who demonstrated great leadership, ingenuity and creativity in her job at Media Plus.
  • Katie Moore
    Working with Team Asia was such a pleasure, primarily due to various outstanding colleagues such as Olga del Ama. Olga is a true asset to the organization through her tireless dedication, endless energy and enthusiasm, and ability to create new models of business for optimal growth. I give Olga my highest recommendation.
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