Makro Supply Chain optimization


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  • Client: Makro Cash & Carry Iberia (Spain and Portugal)
  • Project: Connectivity Supply Chain Optimization
  • Localization: Madrid (Spain)
  • Project Time Span: 6 Months

Makro Cash & Carry is a German multinational wholesale chain with more than 21 million customers in 25 countries around the world.



MAKRO Cash & Carry needs to optimize its end-to-end supply chain as its current logistics structure and processes do not hold the requirements needed to sucessfully set up and integrate future new commercialization channels such as e-commerce.



Analysis, restructuring, internal transformation and optimization of the company’s entire end-to-end supply chain and re-integration with other areas of the company.

In this project I had the pleasure to collaborate with:

  • Gustavo Pascual
    With Olga del Ama the ability to create, lead, generate and add value is assured. Every project she starts and manages is every time a success. Her ability to create and find new alternatives always helped us elevate the projects to its most higher peak. Having her means adding in your team passion, teamwork, union, joy and dynamism.
  • Mario Campos
    Olga del Ama es una excelente trabajadora, bien enfocada en las metas, con una visión clara del objetivo final. Comprometida, motiva y reúne a todo el equipo para lograr rápidamente el resultado final esperado.
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