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  • Entrepreneurship: Learn to Be a Kid
  • Project: Daily recommendations for family quality time
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Project Time Span: From 2016 to date

LEARN TO BE A KID offers tools, games and ideas to parents and educators so that family time becomes real quality time.

We feel overwhelm looking backwards, how much have we achieved with this project throughout the years from the day we decided to embark onto this great adventure

+ We published TWO games book in Spain, Colombia and Mexico:

-> “Aprendiendo a Ser Pequeño. 80 juegos con niños de 0 a 3 años” (2016)

-> “Aprendiendo a Ser Pequeño. 80 juegos con niños de 4 a 6 años” (2021)

+ We created a games APP

+ We created a radio program on the Spanish National radio

+ We created unique toys and cosplays for parents and children to play together

+ We created a Game Workshop for parents and their kids

and we actively participate on donations for families with less resources

Thank you all for making all this possible!

+ We collaborated bi-weekly in “A media Luz” Spanish national radio program presented by Ayanta Barelli in Libertad Digital (99.1 fm) where I propose different original games and daring challenges for parents in search for quality family time.


Radio 5 - RNE

Radio 5 - RNE


RNE - El Ojo Crítico

Radio 4 - RNE

Onda Madrid



Radio EducaOn

Cadena Ser

RNE1 - Gente Despierta

EsRadio - A Media Luz

In this project I had the pleasure to collaborate with:

  • Frogs and Princesses
    The authors present this proposal that addresses this social circumstance and reveals a link between the difficult and distant world of adults and the essential and ever-present connection needs of our children. A magical environment that will be a mark a before and after on our relationships in our family.
  • www.cancionescuento.es
    ¡Hello Families! iPads, smartphones and playsations limit and downgrade the quality the time we spend with our family. This book offer us 80 great games to play with out children, marking a before and an after in our relationship with our family members. This book is a vindication in family matters. A must-have!
  • Radio Educa ON
    With the introduction of new technologies into our homes the personal relationship between family member has been lost. Children get often overwhelmed and lost in so many devices. Bold Proposal!

In this project I had the pleasure to collaborate with:

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