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My name is Olga del Ama.

Thanks to my time dedicated to companies such as Makro, CocaCola, Siemens, IE Business School, Ecommcerce News, Arval PHH, Carlos Sainz Center, IRI WorldWide, between others, throughout more than 15 years of an intense professional career, caring professional and personal relationships, accumulated knowledge and an inexhaustible positivism, I founded in 2016 the social initiative LEARN TO BE A KID  and in 2018 my first company: FOUR ELEMENTS TOURS, in times of the pandemic 2020 I launched MASKS – A- PORTER today transformed into ICONIC ECO, the first multi-brand online store for sustainable ECO fashion and accessories in Spain.

All the experience and knowledge gained in management, strategy and project planning and implementation and all lessons learned  in the past 15 years, I put them today at your service to help you successfully achieve your own personal, professional and business objectives.

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Four different areas to help you grow and better understand the future of your company

I help you successfully face  and manage your fist project


I help you find the most appropriate solution to implement it right on time

I help you train your team in the skills and abilities needed for better performance

Adquire new and highly valuable knowledge


About me

Industries I have worked at




Data Mining






My Graduate and Postgraduate Studies

BA in International Business (2003)

BA in European Business (2005)

Online Marketing Management Program (2011)

Management Program (2012)

Leadership for growth
Certified Instruction Trainer (2015)

High – Potential Leaders Program (2008)

Project Management Certified Instruction Trainer (2009)

Strategic Management on SME ́s (2014)

Companies I have worked with

LOGO Iconic Eco Pequeño
Masks-A-Porter Logo cuadrado corto

Countries I have worked and /or lived in

Madrid – Dubai – Sao Paulo – Hong Kong – Singapore – Düsseldorf – Shanghai – Moscú – Bucarest – Paris – Dublin





My values
My Languages
Spanish. Native speaker
English: TOEFL: 105
German (years worked in country)


These are some opinions of the collegues who have worked with me

  • Alfonso de Benito Secades
    I had the opportunity to work with Olga del Ama when she was International Executive Programs Manager, in the IE, and I was a professor in Key SAccount Management. We launched at that time a new program and she was always very supportive in defining value added, target customers, content,...She had an excellent combination of strategic view and hands on, operational performance. It was a pleasure to work with her, and strongly recommend Olga.
  • Katie Moore
    Working with Team Asia was such a pleasure, primarily due to various outstanding colleagues such as Olga del Ama. Olga is a true asset to the organization through her tireless dedication, endless energy and enthusiasm, and ability to create new models of business for optimal growth. I give Olga my highest recommendation.
  • Tamás Varga
    Olga del Ama is a very open, friendly and competent colleague, with excellent intercultural communication skills and high engagement for her at that time job at Metro C&C International's Corp. Group Strategy Division. My professional requests and contacts were always smoothly, efficiently and professionally handled within a short response time.
  • Mário Campos
    Olga del Ama is an excelent worker, well focused on goals, with a clearview of the final objective. Commited, she motivates and bringsall the team together to a quick achievement of the final result.
  • Philip Daus
    I had a chance to work with Olga del Ama on several occasions during her time as at Makro. She is a true expert in pricing, has excellent people skills and a fantastic working attitude. Without doubt Olga is an enrichment for any team.
  • Camil el Khoury
    Olga del Ama is a very passionate individual who displays both perseverance and a positive approach to goal attainment. She is a people's person and had an excellent relationship with her colleagues and clients.
  • Clyde Araujo
    I had the pleasure to work with Olga del Ama when she lead the deployment of a new web platform for Makro Cash & Carry Spain. The project demanded expert coordination with cross-functional teams which Olga handled successfully. She communicates openly, has a good eye for details and is knowledgable about customer needs.
  • Jesse Schiller
    Olga del Ama is a talented business woman who demonstrated great leadership, ingenuity and creativity in her job at Media Plus.
  • Teresa de La Lombana
    Olga del Ama is a great retail professional, hardworking and good team organizer. She follows positive energy teamworking and plenty of talent development. Olga always has good ideas that comes with great creativity. I recommend Olga to work in high performance projects.
  • Lola Murias García
    Olga del Ama, is a great professional who stands out for her strategic vision and capacity for analysis, excellent people treatment and professionalism, a modern and current woman who strategically adapts her projects / actions with the trend of the moment. Dives deep into the requirement of each action, evaluating in detail all the results and consequences, before taking action. It is highly recommended to work and collaborate with it, for the high added value she provides and the feedback you receive, professionally as well as personally.
  • Gustavo Pascual
    With Olga del Ama the ability to create, lead, generate and add value is assured. Every project she starts and manages is every time a success. Her ability to create and find new alternatives always helped us elevate the projects to its most higher peak. Having her means adding in your team passion, teamwork, union, joy and dynamism.
  • Raquel Gutierrez
    Olga del Ama was always innovative and ahead of her time. with many different interests and initiatives she did not settle for the first results, always willing to improve the final delivery.
  • Pedro Pablo Merino León
    He trabajado con Olga más de 5 años y es una gran profesional. Muy proactiva, ordenada, buena compañera y genial espíritu de trabajo. De esas personas que siempre quieres tener cerca. No crea mal rollo, y siempre atenta y dispuesta.
  • Jose Luis Arcángel Fernandez
    Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con Olga entre 2021 y 2023 y fue una experiencia muy enriquecedora. Su ética de trabajo es impecable. Además, su capacidad para establecer relaciones interpersonales es de admirar. Olga es una estratega dedicada y orientada a metas, y la recomendaría sin lugar a dudas.
  • Samuel Rodriguez
    Recomiendo encarecidamente a Olga como una profesional altamente creativa y un expertise impresionante en el sector digital / marketing / ecommerce. Tuve el privilegio de trabajar con Olga en varios proyectos y ciertamente quedé impresionado por su energía contagiosa y su enfoque innovador. Olga es una persona verdaderamente creativa, capaz de generar ideas frescas y creativas que impulsan el crecimiento y la visibilidad de las marcas en el ámbito digital. Su enfoque audaz y su pasión por el comercio electrónico la convierten en un gran activo para cualquier empresa que busque destacar en el mundo digital. Además de su creatividad, Olga es una persona extremadamente alegre y extrovertida. Su actitud positiva y su habilidad para establecer conexiones significativas con colegas y clientes la convierten en una gran compañera de trabajo y en una excelente comunicadora. Siempre está dispuesta a compartir sus conocimientos y a colaborar con el equipo para lograr resultados excepcionales. En resumen, recomendaría a Olga del Ama a cualquier empresa que busque una profesional en el sector digital. Su creatividad, alegría espíritu de equipo y enfoque centrado en resultados son cualidades invaluables que seguramente contribuirán al éxito de cualquier proyecto en el que esté involucrada.
  • Mª José Perez-Herrera Barbudo
    With Olga del Ama you know you feel save. She is a very organized and responsible professional from the beginning till the end of each project.
  • Angie Parra
    Olga es una colega increíble en Ecommerce News. Siempre se muestra innovadora y adelantada a su tiempo, buscando constantemente nuevas alternativas para mejorar nuestro trabajo. Trabajar con ella significa tener en tu equipo a alguien apasionado, comprometido y alegre. Recomiendo a Olga sin dudarlo!
  • Santiago Hermosa Martín
    Olga del Ama is one of the best professionals I have worked with in my career. Efficient, focused, fast and always eager to work and do things well. With her dynamic, pleasant and close personality he is able to motivate and get the most out of her team members and suppliers and always doing it with a smile. Outstanding professionally and personally. 150% recommended.
  • Joaquim Vendrell
    Working with Olga del Ama is always easy. Good communicator, very efficient and effective. She does not waste time on details, always seeking to ease the work of all of our team and / or the people and groups to which she had to give service and support. My experience with her has always been tremendously positive and productive.
  • Marcos José
    Olga del Ama manages projects with great attention to detail, without losing sight of the overall goal and always keeping the customer as her main focus center of attention. Great experience organizing events and great market knowledge.
  • Christophe Michel
    Olga del Ama was working in pricing during my time as a head of controlling in Makro Spain and it was a pleasure to collaborate with her. She is dedicated and hard working, but also energetic and radiating positive energy.
  • Cristina Herzog Sánchez
    Olga del Ama is a great professional, very committed and a truly fighter. Excellent managing projects, directing and coordinating teams. Energetic, effective, decisive, motivating and fun. It was a real pleasure working with her from my agency.
  • Donna Forte-Regis Muleba
    Olga del Ama is a go getter, always receptive to constructive critism and extremly hard working.
  • Darren Blanch
    Working with Olga del Ama was a real pleasure. I found her as someone who has great experience and profound understanding of business solutions... She has a very strong work ethic combined with unparalleled analytical and problem solving skills. Has an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others. She is not only a reliable and forward thinking Project Coordinator but also an inspiring team player. Dedicated and goal oriented strategist that cannot be overestimated.

I have published, collaborated with and appeared in the following Press Media:

Revista Semana Olga del Ama
Logo EsNuestro Olga del Ama
Hoy Magazine Logo Olga del Ama
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