Carlos Sainz Center


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  • Client: Carlos Sainz Center
  • Project: First events with business groups at the New Carlos Sainz Center Las Rozas
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Project Time Span: 5 months (January 2007 to May 2007)

CARLOS SAINZ CENTER high-tech indoor / Outdoor karting circuits located in Madrid targeting young clients, adults and business groups. Owned by the well recognized Paris-Dakar rally winner driver Carlos Sainz.



CARLOS SAINZ CENTER, with presence in the south of Madrid, opens a new circuit in the norden area of the city in search of expanding their offering and gain clientele (individual drivers and company groups) covering this new area of the Spanish capital.


After the successful launch of the new Carlos Sainz Go-Kart in Las Rozas, Madrid, commercialization and management of the first company groups events to be organized in the new circuit domains.

Revenue: 120.000€

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